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We have created a team of experienced, independent leadership consultants who are not only experts in their field, but have one ideology in common; that to achieve the greatest economic and social value, organisations must operate in a permanent state of evolution.
We call this Mutable Business™

We don’t believe in change programmes. Our clients will tell you this. What they will also tell you is that our Navigator consultancy service helps them deliver better business outcomes by ditching traditional change programmes in favour of a more flexible, dynamic and sustainable approach.

Established 30 years ago, Bloor has become one of Europe’s leading independent IT research, analysis and consultancy firms. Bloor is widely respected for providing actionable strategic insight through its innovative independent technology research, advisory and consulting services. Bloor Navigators assist companies throughout their transformation journeys to stay relevant, bringing fresh thinking to complex business situations and turning challenges into new opportunities for real growth and profitability.

Mutable Business™

Today’s business landscape has never been more challenging, or more exciting. The rate of change is increasing exponentially. New business models, the changing nature of the employee experience and the dizzying array of emerging technologies all need to coexist and collaborate effectively to drive successful long-term business and value creation.

Our Clients' Challenges

It has been stated that over 70% of change and transformation programmes fail; many senior executives that we meet tell us that, even today, their organisations are not capable of driving the transformational changes necessary. We can help.

Our research on both successful and failing organisations has given us the insight to develop an approach that helps to deal with today’s disruption and move toward a permanent state of evolution rather than a series of change initiatives. That is why we have developed Mutable Business™, a methodology that helps organisations successfully transform in a continuous way.

Our expert Navigator team help to guide and support organisations in taking a holistic, long term view of their People, Business and Technology. For the successful businesses we work with, transformation is not seen as a series of function change initiatives with a start and end date but rather viewed as continuous strategic evolution.

Whether you are a CEO looking to create enterprise value and growth, an HR or people professional wanting to improve your employee experience, or a CIO considering how to embed digital transformation strategically across the business, Mutable Business™ and Navigators can help.


To influence the continuous evolution of business for the greatest economic and social value​


To be the leading authority in creating the future of business as defined by the successful coexistence of business, people and technology

Our Values
  • We empower our people and the businesses we serve to be the best they can be.
  • We unlock innovative thinking by encouraging our teams to question and challenge how we can be better
  • Our people are empowered to perform to the best of their ability and make decisions. We seek opportunities to learn from our failures and deliver the best outcome for our customers
  • Our people are supported to take responsibility and ownership of their own career and development
  • We have a trusted environment built on mutual respect where people can be comfortable and celebrated for being themselves
  • Our people treat each another with respect, trust and integrity. Showing respect means we treat everyone with positive regard, we ask questions to understand and do not assume we have all the answers.
  • We work in different time zones, cultures and environments. As such we respect everyone’s right to their own personal space
  • We embrace and invite diversity, equality and inclusion and always seek to learn from one another.
  • Supporting clear and open communication is the foundation for our success
  • We operate in way that is open and transparent. We encourage knowledge sharing and manage challenging situations with care, compassion and positivity
  • We celebrate and reward success. We enjoy hearing about business and colleague’s achievements inside and outside work
  • We provide positive support and encouragement to help each other work in partnership successfully.
  • We actively encourage collaboration across and keep our promises to each other to achieve the best results.
  • We nurture and harness talent and provide coaching and mentoring opportunities.

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