Navigators on Demand

As recognised experts and thought leaders in their field, our Navigator leadership function combine their practical experience and academic rigour to offer strategic guidance and support. Helping to diagnose, design and develop innovative solutions to becoming Mutable, the Navigator on Demand service helps where critical thinking and insight is required to reinvent and assess different ways of working.
Available for ad hoc advice, short term engagements or on a flexible subscription model, our Navigators are there when you need them most.

People Engagement

  • Defining values,
    purpose and culture
  • Organisational trauma / shock
  • Belonging and psychological safety
  • Leadership and
    skills development
  • Team dynamics and performance
  • Organisational Development
  • Employee experience and engagement
  • Resource and talent building

Business Modelling

  • Strategic and
    Organisational Design
  • Creating enterprise value
  • Financial and
    Commercial modelling
  • Driving exceptional CX
  • Ecosystem development
  • Start up/Scale up/Spin out
  • Stakeholder engagement management
  • Operational delivery
  • Project Management
  • Market evaluation
  • Business processes

Technology Environment

  • Knowledge / Intelligence
  • Information system strategy
  • Information Value Chain
  • Platform development
    and evolution
  • Agile thinking
    and best practice
  • Data value
    and integrity
  • Data audit
    and management
  • Cloud transformation
  • Info and cyber security

Meet our Navigators