Mutable Focus Areas

Our Mutable Business™ framework and all Navigator activity is underpinned by three focus areas. Traditional transformation models tend to rely too much on technology, but we believe that to achieve a permanent state of evolution – businesses need to place an equal value on their people strategy, business models and evolution of technology.

People Strategy

  • Defining values,
    purpose and culture
  • Organisational trauma / shock
  • Belonging and psychological safety
  • Leadership and
    skills development
  • Team dynamics and performance
  • Organisational Development
  • Employee experience and engagement
  • Resource and talent building

Business Model

  • Strategic and
    Organisational Design
  • Creating enterprise value
  • Financial and
    Commercial modelling
  • Driving exceptional CX
  • Ecosystem development
  • Start up/Scale up/Spin out
  • Stakeholder engagement management
  • Operational delivery
  • Project Management
  • Market evaluation
  • Business processes

Technology Evolution

  • Knowledge / Intelligence
  • Information system strategy
  • Information Value Chain
  • Platform development
    and evolution
  • Agile thinking
    and best practice
  • Data value
    and integrity
  • Data audit
    and management
  • Cloud transformation
  • Info and cyber security

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